You wouldn’t use just any old soap to cleanse your face, would you?

Just like a good skincare regime for healthy glowing skin, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your pieces remain as supple and vibrant as the day they land on your doorstep.

We’ve completed wear trials in a laboratory setting to ensure that the body-loving CBD in your pieces will last through more than 40 high-intensity, wash and wear cycles – that’s a lot of yoga flows, weights sessions and hikes! So, even after all that wearing, sweating, and washing, our lab tests show that 30-35% of the CBD will remain in our garments.


Once you’ve worn and loved your garment through 40 wash cycles, you can participate in our UpCycle program where your apparel will be recycled and put to good use in areas where it’s needed. You’ll then receive an exclusive discount on your next purchase, simply for participating. The process couldn’t be easier - visit our ‘UpCycle’ page for instructions and more details on the life cycle of your purchase.

dermatologist tested

Each of our pieces is dermatologically tested so your skin will love them just as much as you do. Even once all of the CBD has been released from the garment, it will maintain the exact same fit and design as the day that you purchased it - so you can choose to UpCycle or continue to love it for years to come!

dermatologist tested

Here are a few golden rules for taking care of your Acabada garments:

  • Hand wash with a mild detergent.
    Use low-temperature water – we’re talking 30 degrees C max

  • Drip Dry

  • Use wash bag

  • Bleach

  • Iron

  • Dry clean

  • Wring or twist


Always be sure to check the care label on each garment for instructions on exactly how to care for that piece.