ProActive Living isn’t just about treating your mind and body with respect and care - it’s also about caring for the world around you. We believe there’s no point creating beautiful, luxurious ProActiveWear if it leaves a negative impact on the people who make it or the world that they live in.

  • We go the extra mile to make sure that every mile you run, every pound you lift, every inch you stretch is powered by ProActiveWear that not only meets your needs in the boardroom and barre, but is as sustainable as possible.

  • We put just as much time, effort and resources to minimizing our impact on the environment as we do on our designs. With Acabada, you can look good, live well and feel amazing knowing that you’re investing in a sustainable and ethical brand.

  • We searched the globe and partnered with a facility in Portugal that matches our values and could guarantee that each Acabada garment would be manufactured and hand finished in a way that lived up to our scrupulous standards.

Here are some of the ways we’re working towards making a difference.


Whenever and wherever technically possible, we use processes with lower water consumption, including best in class water usage in the dying and washing processes. Our manufacturing facility has its own water treatment facility, a water reuse system and a dedicated team of experts to reduce and optimize total water consumption. These actions combined save the equivalent of one Olympic swimming pool per week - that’s over 660,000 gallons! We also don’t use any chemicals that harm the environment - or you as the wearer.


It was essential to us that our garments were made in a way that minimised our carbon footprint. Our manufacturing facility is powered by 100% renewable sources of energy and is audited weekly for weekly waste, exhaust, and piping audits. The team is always seeking continual improvement, and the internal policies and actions have seen a reduction of 42% in specific energy consumption in the last five years.


We strive to create as little waste as is physically possible, which is why we’ve used optimisation cutting studies to reduce fabric waste and have recycling programs for textile waste from the manufacturing process. We’ve also adopted an UpCycle program to make sure that the garments that you purchase can be recycled in the most sustainable and convenient way possible to prevent ending up in landfill and releasing methane gas. Not only do we work towards minimising our own waste - but where possible, we use recycled materials. Our packaging is made from recycled materials and is created to be as recyclable and eco-friendly as possible.


It’s important to us that the team that manufacture our products are treated with the compassion and respect that they deserve. Our manufacturing facility is a certified working environment that complies with all European laws and standards and even has a nutritionist-developed menu and monthly health and wellness activities for employees. Part of being sustainable and ethical is being transparent. We’ll always be open and honest about our processes and manufacturing and committed to continually learning and improving.